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Autumn Term 2019 Timetable (Please see below for term dates)

Monday Batford Memorial Hall  Miss Emma
9.30-10.00 First Steps ‘Dance Together’ 18 months + (accompanied by parent/carer)
10.10-10.40 First Steps Age 3-4 (unaccompanied class)
Monday Everyone Active, Redbourn  Miss Emma
2.00-2.30 First Steps  Age 3+ (unaccompanied class)
Monday St. Bartholomews Church, St Albans  Miss Gwen
4.30-5.15 RAD Grade Three Ballet
5.15-6.00 RAD Inter Foundation
6.00-6.45 RAD Grade Four Ballet
6.45-7.30 RAD Grade Six Ballet
. 7.30-8.30 RAD Intermediate Ballet
Monday  Batford Methodist Church  Miss Emma
3.45-4.30 RAD Grade One Ballet
4.30-5.00 RAD Pre-Primary Ballet Y1 children
5.00-5.30 ISTD Grade One Modern
5.30-6.00 RAD Primary Ballet
6.00-6.45 Senior Contemporary
6.45-7.30 RAD Grade Four Ballet
Tuesday Everyone Active, Redbourn  Miss Emma
2.00-2.30 First Steps Age 3 + (unaccompanied class)
Tuesday High Street Methodist Church  Miss Emma
3.45-4.30 RAD Grade One Ballet
4.30-5.15 RAD Grade Three  Ballet
5.15-6.00 RAD Grade Four Ballet
6.00-7.00 RAD Grade Five Ballet
Wednesday Batford Methodist Church  Miss Emma
3.45-4.15 RAD Primary Ballet
4.15-4.45 ISTD Primary Tap
4.50-5.30 RAD Grade One Ballet
5.30-6.00 Kids Jazz Age 6-10
6.00-6.45 RAD Grade Two Ballet
. 6.45-7.25 Junior Contemporary 1 7.25-8.05     Junior Contemporary 2
Thursday Everyone Active, Redbourn  Miss Emma
2.00-2.30 First Steps Age 3+(unaccompanied class)
Thursday High Street Methodist Church  Miss Gwen
3.45-4.15 Coaching
4.15-5.00 RAD Grade Three Ballet
5.00-5.45 RAD Grade Three Ballet
5.45-6.30 RAD Grade Three Ballet
. 7.00-7.45 ISTD Grade Six Modern
Thursday  Batford Methodist Church  Miss Melissa
3.45-4.15 RAD Pre-Primary Ballet  Reception children
4.15-4.45 RAD Primary Ballet
4.45-5.15 RAD Pre-Primary Ballet
5.15-6.00 RAD Grade One Ballet
6.00-6.30 ISTD Grade Two Tap
6.30-7.00 ISTD Grade Two Modern
. 7.00-7.45 Senior Street Jazz
Saturday Batford Methodist Church  Miss Emma (Tap)  Miss Gwen (Modern)
9.10-9.40 ISTD Primary Modern Reception/Y1 children
9.45-10.25 ISTD Grade Three Modern
10.30-11.10 ISTD Grade Four Modern
11.15-11.55 ISTD Grade Five Modern
9.00-9.40 ISTD Grade Two Tap
9.45-10.25 ISTD Grade Three Tap
10.30-11.10 ISTD Grade Four Tap
11.15-11.55 ISTD Grade Five Tap

Children start in Pre-Primary Ballet and Tap or Primary Modern as they start their reception year at school. From then children progress through the grades as they enter for exams and awards. Please speak to Miss Gwen if you are unsure which class to register for, for more guidance.

You can find our pricing information here and the location of our venues here


Term dates:

 Autumn 2019:
From: To:
First Half Term Saturday 14th September Thursday 24th October
No classes Saturday 26th October Saturday 2nd November (incl)
Second Half term incl Extra week Monday 4th November Saturday 7th December
Term length 11 weeks Pre-School classes start on 9th September


 Spring 2020:
From: To:
First Half Term Saturday 11th January Thursday 13th February
No Classes Saturday 15th February Saturday 22nd February (incl)
Second Half Term Monday 24th February Saturday 28th March
Term length 10 weeks